13621837807 this is GeLinKeEr compressor phone

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
I am a purchasing manager in the oil industry, had the opportunity to meet last week training somewhere in xiamen branch GeLinKeEr bao engineers came to power in their acceptance speech, is really seeing is believing, bao engineers not only eloquent, and experience in compressor maintenance is quite sophisticated. After the meeting, I deliberately keep ready to go to a hospital for energy saving of screw air compressor maintenance bao engineer, hope he can more than a few minutes to answer some of my questions.

“ Two weeks ago, I in GeLinKeEr website to fill out the purchase consulting table, then have a 13621837807 phone call, I want to know the phone user is really GeLinKeEr compressor staff? ”

bao engineer position on the spot, the official GeLinKeEr compressor landline phone number is 021 - 64169357, what is the maintenance, purchase can dial the telephone consultation. Once but now this time is summer, the temperature is high, the problem of air compressor is much, consulting more people will start, this hotline GeLinKeEr is hard to beat in. 13621837807, it is to belong to GeLinKeEr compressor sales deputy manager miss qin's personal phone, also can be at ease answering, miss qin himself quite talkative, and very enthusiastic to the customer, if encounter GeLinKeEr official I couldn't get through the phone, also can consider to make the calls.

it seems rigid do mouth can't ah, oneself active study frequently asked is very important, what all don't ask, just by our own subjective want to solve things, is you know nothing, this time really is very thank bao engineer, let I learned a lesson again.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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