2. How much is a 2 kw air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
According to the needs of market development, the air compressor customer now selected air compressor specification also emerge in endlessly, varied, have low power, high power, low pressure and high pressure, customer according to customer's production needs, choose a suitable air compressor is particularly important. Generally low power is used in the laboratory, 2. 2 kw air compressor used in lab is more, about the price, different brands, different models, the price is definitely not the same.

a lot of customers are asking low pressure air compressor is there? How much the price? As a customer concern, then I would like to introduce this paragraph 2. 2 kw air compressor.

2. 2 kw air compressor is general laboratory use, 2. 2 kw air compressor with and without oil mute micro oil piston machine piston machine, the price also differs very big, general micro oil piston machine price is cheap, the price is about $5 yuan, oil-free piston machine price is in 10000 yuan, the price of this two models of air compressor gap is big, I suggest, if the air supply at the gas after the Zui request is not high, the price and special care, or suggest using micro oil piston machine commonly, this fairly, cost-effective, deficiency is slightly larger noise.

mute oil free air compressor machine commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, etc. , although the price is higher compared with the micro oil piston machine, but the noise is low, no need maintenance, is to blow the air filter out blows can, also save maintenance cost, to come out from the back-end compression air is clean gas with no oil, for laboratory used to do experiments, mute oil free compressor is a better choice. Also do not have trouble back at home.

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