6 cubic screw machine with straight or belt drive good?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In air compressor industry, Zui need to be wary of is related to the selection problem. Today to bring us such a selection problem: 6 cubic screw air compressor, the transmission way is to choose the belt or directly connected? Choose what kind of, that is depends on how you value performance or price.

in principle, straight association-like relies mainly on the coupling to provide power to the nose, in the process of the whole transmission can achieve zero consumption. But the overall due to the processing difficulty is higher, so the factory at the time of production, often costs more than a lot of belt conveyor, belt drive is depend on the belt and the sliding between two rounds, benefit is lower cost than the former, but the quality of the belt itself is very critical, poor quality of belt with long easy deformation, need workers stare at on a regular basis.

from a performance to judge, if the displacement in 6 cubic, both transmission is a choice. Because 6 cubic belongs to is smaller, if use direct coupling, coupling shaft is not very thick, can guarantee high strength. But straight association-like screw machine is using a two stage compression technology of motor, for air compressor to limit the speed, and the belt structure in itself is simple, not to clear the machine speed, cause the machine when running speed without limit, this situation is very dangerous.

if the displacement is 10 cubic up, and the equipment is more on the performance requirements of the user, you can choose higher straight association-like transmission efficiency, but remind everyone here, the disadvantages of direct coupling is once the main bearing failure, stuck would happen to host a great probability, and in principle of belt conveyor, will not happen this kind of phenomenon, but also from d premiums with point of view, the cost of the replacement belt is far lower than the coupling. But it is important to note that the use of belt drive users, need to guarantee the fixed frequency boot, avoid has been down to eliminate the belt for bearing a radial force.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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