7. 5 kw than with oil-free air compressor oil air compressor saved cost?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
For use air compressor for the main production of users, to the problem must be more concerned about energy consumption of the waste. If the fuel consumption with oil air compressor is more care about, you can use the oil free air compressor for replacement. As to concrete can save much cost, need several aspects to consider. To consider from the aspects of fuel consumption, took some brand of 7. 5 kw oil-free air compressor, a month can save about 5 kg of lubricating oil, 12 months of the year down to save the amount of lubricating oil reached 60 kilograms. If the user is using some big brand air compressor lubricants, fittings of those brands while reputation is guaranteed, but the unit price is often very expensive, take 60 kilograms of lubricating oil, cost tens of thousands of the cost of a year.

with air compressor oil in addition to the fuel itself, in order to ensure a long-term effective degreasing, need regular replacement of oil filter cartridge, this will count as a big additional cost. So, oil free air compressor in the win again on this aspect of the cost savings.

but not that recommended that all users are using with oil air compressor of the devices will hand change into oil free air compressor, oil free air compressor, after all, in terms of failure rate compared with air compressor oil is much higher. For these users, no matter how much consumption amount of lubricating oil, all need to learn the proper fuel, and fuel is the key to timely maintenance & ndash; — Removal equipment within the carbon deposition, and the use of professional carbon cleaner cooling effect is very obvious. I generally use is GeLinKeEr carbon cleaning agent, after all air compressor lubricants are directly decide one of the main parts, air compressor efficiency can't use too much time to clean.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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