A few minutes with you identify the primary difference between person and blot machine

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As you all know, air compressor with propane tanks alone, no other protective measures, output water content is high in the air, for some demand high quality compressed air industry, obviously not enough. Then person and blot machine same as air compressor post-processing, in what applications can be clearly perceived difference? In this technology to share, I brought you blot machine person clear contrast, hope to help you study.

from what people care about most in addition to the effect of water, blot machine person, with the exception of water level is much higher because blot machine in the process of drying, the formation of dew point temperature can reach to 20 degrees below zero, and the person who is the environment temperature, environment temperature cannot below 0 degrees, otherwise it is easy to freeze, ( The temperature influence on blot machine almost 0) Therefore the manufacturer at the time of setting, dew point temperature of the person who is at least 2 degrees, from the desiccant can bring blot machine deepen the adsorption effect of this point, the person in addition to water efficiency compared to blot machine does not advantage;

in energy saving ways again, the person in the process, need a lot of by compression, doing work and blot machine simply valve control, this point is more electricity than lead to person than blot machine. In addition, blot machine because alone, compared to the structure of the person who is simpler, there is only valve caused by frequent manipulation of the point of failure. So, is a person who completely there is no advantage? Not all.

because the person who is realized through the change of temperature and drainage exhaust, and blot machine after integration with desiccant need secondary consumption volume, so the person who 0 loss at the same time, blot chance cause ten more volume loss.

so contrast down, presumably everyone heart there is a clear answer, how to choose the two lights.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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