A gas tank whether can use a few years old customers tell you

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Gas-holder is xiamen revolutionary product issued by the pressure container co. , LTD. , with good performance, the reliable quality, won the praise of many users.

then what a propane tanks can use how long? To be honest, besides gasholder are the inherent qualities of original, also depends on your usual maintenance measures of gasholder. Many people think of gasholder is a very common thing, generally use is it's not a problem. Gasholder are actually in use process also has certain risk, but choose well-known famous brand air tank for example, you can minimize the risk as much as possible. Although there is no guarantee that sell each one air tank won't be a problem, but promised to give consumers the most perfect after-sale.

in general, air tank used by steel will have their own design life. At the end of the design life, generally no third party certification, propane tanks usually do scrap processing. But in this particular statement pressure container co. , LTD. , the raw materials are large steel enterprises cooperation, xiamen produces gasholder, fixed number of year of the design is ten years, now a lot of customers in using propane tanks, are used for more than ten years. Here for everyone to do a propane tanks identification science: if after the third party pledges inspect bureau detection under no problem still can use, friendship remind, the certificate of quality and technology such as lost in seven years to fill do, if more than seven years, certificate of quality and technology can't fill do.

it seems the air tank is safe and durable. Often hear, GeLinKeEr these professional air compressor manufacturer called, in this life their air compressor and the propane tanks to go with a match. So want fame and quality can be seen, there is demand of customers can call for propane tanks.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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