A set of air compressor in the purification system include?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Everybody likes the high quality product, what is the evaluation criteria for a product?

some companies are selling the product quality, some companies are selling, marketing and feelings, the needs of different customers different points,

believe that most customers will choose the product quality in more than two choices, air compressor industry, focused on the quality of the products. , take the air compressor system, in a set of air compressor system in addition to the familiar air compressor, air tank, also includes filters, person, etc.

small make up is an employee of domestic environmental protection industry, a year ago, somewhere in xiamen, thanks to the new plant, in the unit leadership requires small make up for procurement, responsible for the purchase of a set of air compressor energy saving system. In the process, according to the instructions of leadership, small make up to choose the system there are two requirements, one is the demand that the system can steadily run, another small make up for energy saving at least 15% than the original system. In several vendor's visit, small make up can find the optimal energy saving system can better meet our these two requirements, and can in the optimal d engineer field visits and theoretical arguments, ou can optimal mute oil free air compressor can + stainless steel storage tanks, the optimal function of normal temperature air cooling type person who meet our new factory's gas needs.

last year at 38 degrees of high temperature, ou can best Ding Gong with a dozen people team installed in the door for us. Use a year, after we plant our own estimation, we the new factory to save the cost of nearly 7, 80000. Through this matter, small make up begin to understand, no matter what product, the most important thing is to check the quality of the product.

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