A year in GeLinKeEr - — Improve yourself, say goodbye to the past

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
To GeLinKeEr for a year, the company to Zui is more benefits - Training, every Friday afternoon before coming off work will take an hour to give us training of product knowledge, sales skills, and so on to improve our own ability, although is learned every time a little bit, but many a mickle makes a muckle are also has the progress, so very grateful to the company, at least I'm not standing still, consciously learning ability is very poor people like me, a super welfare is very good, just like at school.

today have received benefits, this is not the same experience, experiential training has contact once, before the experience way more easy to empathy, immersive, the resulting than lectures to learn a lot, so still very looking forward to this training & ndash; 2 days night outdoor tourism development activities, the mood is excited. Just at this time is lukewarm, outdoor activities, just good, still listen to colleagues said last year's promotional activities is very fun, tired and happy, so you have been more curious.

working in such an environment, whether it's life or career has made obvious progress, his heart became more powerful, also meet things aren't so afraid of, also is not blindly go to escape, but learned to look for a solution to the problem. In to this year, I saw the best individuals, perfect team, these are inseparable from the hard work of everyone, are in growth, study hard, strive for a little bit of progress every day, are all, to reach the goal don't give up, not abandoned, this spirit is valuable, so I must study hard and learn their spirit, do a don't drag, for the team has meaning, let the team because I exist and add a force, let I personally is more perfect.

in fact, now there're so many people around me think I changed, become is not the same as before, the attitude is positive, at least do not procrastinate. Also know how to find a way to solve the problem, they say so, actually not much moved, how bad, but think of oneself before is even more determined to continue to learn.

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