About GeLinKeEr technology plan in 2018

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In order to make us more accurately grasp the pulse of market development, plan in 2018, the us against GeLinKeEr air compressor of agents, technical personnel, the salesman three levels made a big interview.

this is our technical personnel interview GeLinKeEr ( Xiamen) Air compressor qc Mr Wang compressor co. , LTD.

manager wang hello, you GeLinKeEr air compressor in 2017, a sound quality management system to do what efforts?

qc Mr Wang: during working in the factory, in line with the quality and service is the brother of one idea, for air compressor in terms of quality of the original oil leakage phenomenon made the following improvement, change the flange joints of o-rings for good quality Zui no asbestos paper pad, tubing joints used the imported card set of connection. Now the o-rings are imported brand, rubber o-rings. Now the factory on the quality of the air compressor has a lot of improvement.

manager wang, you are in factory to supervise and assist the production department to improve quality, establish quality management system, implementation of total quality management to do what work?

qc Mr Wang: I during the period of plant, with engineers, product technical manager qin Li Gong agreed together, to perfect the the process of assembly process of the machine. In the process we are strict with each member in the process of assembly, must be in strict accordance with the technical assembly process and testing installation, ensure that every piece of air compressor to be able to achieve a superior condition in the factory.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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