Adjust the significance and methods of the relief valve seat back pressure is what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Return refers to the relief valve to discharge pressure, medium pressure dropped to a certain value, the disc to contact with the seat, i. e. opening to zero, the static pressure of the valve inlet. Have poor low back pressure is too high, too low will cause loss of medium and energy, is too high, short of emissions, causing the valve frequency jump, principle is in the case of emissions can reach as far as possible to raise the back pressure, reduce the medium and energy loss. Adjustment method:

back pressure is by adjusting the coil to adjust, adjust clearance principle is principle, the smaller the gap, spit out when the greater the resistance, the greater the force of hold down valve core, the more difficult to return. On the other hand, the gap, the greater the valve core is easy to fall, the higher the back pressure.

to only adjust the safety valve of circle, the adjusting ring to rise, back pressure drop, adjusting ring to the downgrade, back pressure; For a relief valve with adjusting ring up and down, up and down the distance adjustment ring is reduced, the back pressure is reduced, and the distance of the adjusting ring, back pressure.
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