Age is not the same pattern

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Before the 1990 s, the air compressor market in each country's free press production piston machine is given priority to, post-processing matching rate less than 1/10, and there is no several purification plant, a famous air compressor, GeLinKeEr, Europe can best and so on. The according to the party.

and xiamen xiamen GeLinKeEr was born in 1991, changed the pattern of purification industry, xiamen, this is neither a compressor market, there is no compressor production base, the foundation of later in the decade, have mushroomed, successively appeared more than 50 compressor purification plant, the products spread to the whole of China, as China's larger base of compressed air purification equipment. When do dryer sales colleagues in xiamen, besides meat and drink. How heroism.

the more than 20 years, between the small make up to xiamen a few times, get the purification industry of new and old friends in xiamen warm in reception, also got their selfless teacher. Special brother a version of the person who standard drafting, the xiamen peer support.

small brother once come to xiamen this year, although the domestic other areas have the scale and good quality of compressed air purification plant, however, xiamen purification equipment is a direction of domestic air compressor purification equipment. Xiamen enterprise entertain guest, open mind GuYi ecru, enthusiasm generous still does not change color.

small make up many times come to xiamen, see here for more than Zui industry patent certificate, saw Zui plate more in person, see the management system of ISO14001 and ISO18001 certification in purification industry, see pay a lifetime gold s predecessors still industrious cultivation on purification industry. Focused on the question of price or focus on product embodies the xiamen purify the foresight and consensus of the industry, compressed air purification of the enterprises in China to the world level, xiamen.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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