Air compressor accessories store management?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor is known to all, especially the screw on the many accessories once broke down, can be replaced. So now when there are a lot of factory to buy air compressor is going to be a separate set of additional accessories. But in the presence of accessories details, many customers don't know how to properly store, it is important to note: if the parts for a long time to put in the wrong place, then the performance of the parts will be some loss, put more than one or two years even have parts fault, the influence of who also don't want to how much longer you didn't buy accessories money wisely, here to tell everyone about the accessories is how to put our company.

here in several conditions, is a new unused, which is a long time to stop, there is a kind of used parts. General air compressor parts after the arrival of the goods, the majority of people are in the factory warehouse. But many people don't consider that as a result of the factory warehouse environment, different parts in the store when there is a risk of corrosion. Recommend the new purchase or long-term stop using air compressor accessories separately stored in a dry environment, this is done to avoid metal parts in contact with the wet water, causing rust corrosion. Step is to more insurance accessories with anti-corrosion soft paper.

to deactivate accessories for a long time, if you have used, it should be noted in the used immediately after excess condensate and oil discharge completely, so that the next boot can run smoothly in the future.

these parts stored in together, the company will be specially marked parts and types, the name of the classification can be greatly saves the time of looking for accessories. Good way of warehouse management, to ensure the service life of parts, it is necessary, if the warehouse cannot ensure indoors, at least in the outdoor environment will also with the outer packing accessories intact, in addition to spare parts management, after-sale is also very important. Companies are now using accessories are from GeLinKeEr, parts quality assurance period is long, don't need to worry about.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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