Air compressor air supply modes analysis

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor, air supply modes are divided into basic dispersed gas supply and gas supply two, two gas supply modes have their own advantages and disadvantages, or according to the actual usage for this paper. The cost of the whole air compressor system operation, three is determined by the cost of energy, and pressure boost 1 bar, energy costs will increase 6 - 7%. When choosing air supply way, therefore, have to carefully consider, careful choice. 1 a, decentralized supply advantages. Compressor can be ideally adapted accordingly the factory needed for the actual work pressure. 2. Small gas supply network, internal leakage, reduce the pressure loss. 3. No need to set outdoor pipes, the chance of condensation damage to a minimum. 4. Failure, can connect with the outside to ensure gas supply. Second, the advantages of centralized gas supply 1. Due to the concentrated air filter can be used, concentration of room ventilation and cooling water treatment, compressed air cooling and drying equipment, low cost of installation, cover an area of an area small, the air compressor chance the control more convenient, also can more effectively eliminate noise. 2. Using large motors and compressor, the efficiency is higher, so as to lower energy costs. The same applies to electric auxiliary equipment such as frozen type dryer, fan, etc. 3. Low maintenance cost. 4. To meet the irregular needs less reserves of gas peak. For small gas, low pressure gas equipment, install a relief valve to work, may be the economy. But if the entire system in most of the gas with high pressure air, then remain to work with high pressure out of the economy. Therefore, when gas equipment have high low, scattered with installation of the air compressor to supply more economical for them. Conclusion usually preferred centralized compressor plant, dispersed installation only under special circumstances has advantages, such as scattered factory equipment, are far apart, or gas is larger and the required pressure situations and so on each are not identical, use distributed supply is more reasonable.
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