Air compressor and air tank connection to pay attention to

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Now more and more industry needs to use compressed air, so a little compressor is certainly not gasholder, because gas tank not only can store air, voltage regulator, also can in addition to water, also can avoid the pressure fluctuation is large, also can reduce air compressor start-stop frequency, which can guarantee the output from the air compressor air clean and smooth to the gas side. The air compressor and air tank should be how to connect? Connect what items need to be aware of? The following is to discuss.

the installation of the conventional sequence is first installed air compressor, later installation of storage tanks, storage tanks of the interface need to be higher than that of low into, is from low interface in compressed air needs, from high interface, its purpose is to reduce the output of the moisture in the air. And air tank above the safety valve and pressure gauge, must under the condition of the efficacy and correct to install, so that you can avoid one thousand what danger, storage tanks can be automatic relief, protection.

in after install the air compressor and storage tanks, smooth output in order to keep the air clean, also in order to protect the air compressor and the service life of gas storage, also need to connect the person behind and filters. Person who is the working principle of the main cooling water. Like many medical or other industry is very strict for air quality, this time will be sure to install the person and filter. Is the main purpose of the filter oil removal, in addition to impurities, also can in addition to liquid water. But filters and person is different, also it according to the filtering precision can be divided into Q, P, S grade level, such as general filtration precision is from low to high. Concrete connection mode should be the first of the air compressor air outlet connected to the storage tanks below import, storage tanks of a Q outlet connection on the filter, filter out after connection person, the person to come out after the connection is a P level filters, many enterprises demanding about the quality of the air, of course, this time can connect a adsorption dryer, in the final to connect an s-class filters, detailed below for reference.

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