Air compressor can be used in which industry

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Along with our country's industrialization process accelerated, many industries use air compressor, air compressor, as a kind of general machinery and equipment, and what are the industry cannot leave the air compressor? We can see the below summary:

1, war industry, chemical industry,

air compressor is widely used in military industry, such as submarine vessels of automated packaging equipment, explosives, torpedo control devices, etc. The same harmful liquid filling in the chemical industry, chemical raw materials, transportation, oil drilling equipment, etc. , these with air compressor.

2, light industry,

it is not only widely used in heavy industry, in light industry also has a very important position. Such as textiles, household electrical appliances, leather shoes, clothing, printing and packaging, furniture, cigarettes, pharmaceutical industry, food, glass, building materials and so on.

3, transportation industry

whether land traffic, and aircraft and Marine traffic in the process of operation, is inseparable from the role of air compressor. Switch of automatic control, such as the subway car doors and Windows, aircraft maintenance and port of loading and unloading of transport, etc. , daily use of all kinds of transportation normal activity or are in need of air compressor maintenance.

4, precision instruments industry

in the process of experiment are generally used in the detection of some high precision instruments and control. Some in the production of high precision electronic products also requires the use of air compressor.

5, aerospace industry,

air compressor because of its pneumatic device to withstand radiation, able to withstand high fever and rapid, so in modern aircraft, missiles, and so on control system is widely used gradually. All in all, both in heavy industry and light industry, regardless of land transportation and sea transportation, air compressor in every aspect of our lives, inseparable, play an important role.

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