Air compressor chance to the danger of explosion?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
May only a few people realized the air compressor will explode. Air compressor is widely used now, from all walks of life are involved in air compressor, as long as the factory needs the power, air compressor equipment is little not. We all know that air tank explosion, the air compressor should not, in fact, if some unreasonable links will appear accidental phenomenon, although there is no air tank requirement is so high, but should need to be aware of the problem, must be found in a timely manner.

GeLinKeEr air compressor established team also has more than twenty years, so have a lot of actual combat experience, both pre-sale of professional technical and after-sales service technology in the peer has a certain competitiveness. Buy air compressor, GeLinKeEr can provide a whole set of equipment, air compressor, air tank, person. Sales staff can provide a full range of services to users at the time of purchase will feel very worry and peace of mind.

when purchasing an air compressor can not blindly covet is cheap, buy inferior product. Some late 3 without the product didn't appropriate maintenance produces surprises. Air compressor selection, installation and use are important, improper installation, later in the perennial use prone to failure. Such as elevators, everyone is familiar with, the elevator itself well in time, installation technology does not reach the designated position, can cause a lot of trouble to use.

when using appear problem, again not positive to solve, don't look for special maintenance personnel, but rather on taobao to buy similar products by oneself, actually these parts process not qualified, filtering effect is very poor. Lubricating oil is also easy to oxidation. Over time, air compressor oil system is blocked up.

seemingly simple things, if do not good, could do a lot of problems, so when buying, be sure to consult a professional maintenance.

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