Air compressor common faults and approach

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
A, high exhaust temperature

check the oil level is too low, too low to infuse lubricating oil. The radiator is too dirty, dusting or cleaning is required. Oil filter clogging need replacing. Temperature control valve failure need to clean or replace. Into the vent weak resistance to clean up. Pressure exceeds the design need to adjust. Temperature sensor failure need to change. Lubricating oil metamorphism need to change, high ambient temperature.

2, large air oil content

lubricating oil quantity is too large to reduce oil height, back to the oil plug needs cleaning. The length of the return pipe and oil core does not match. Machine operation pressure is too low. Oil core damage and oil content.

3, low exhaust pressure

the actual gas is greater than the machine capacity. Unloading valve fault cannot be closed. Intake valve fault cannot fully open. Pressure pipeline leakage. Pressure sensor fault.

4, high exhaust pressure

inlet valve fault cannot be shut down. Pressure sensor fault.

5, the host current major

the voltage is too low, the connection is loose. High operating pressure, oil and gas separation blockage. Contactor or power failure, the host or the motor bearing wear.

6, large starting current

the input voltage is too low, there is something wrong with the air switch. Star triangle conversion time is too short, intake valve failure.

7, screen does not display the

power failure, urgent stop switch failure. The failure of transformer fuse and the host controller.

eight, boot't respond

temperature switch and the fuse is burnt. The nose has stuck phenomenon of the motor. Not reset overload protector. The transformer is damaged, ac contactor and a bad master.
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