Air compressor cylinder of magnetic switch

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Presumably most people no matter what to buy thing, the beginning is holding the mood to gladly. But because of when to buy without too much thinking, just looking at pleasing to the eye is bought, often regret it later. Buy air compressor is also in the same way, in buying air compressor, if did not consider comprehensive, so are likely to buy air compressor to his regret. There is also just a regular thing Zui, but air compressor has just bought, there is no quality problem, most manufacturers will not support the return.

and air compressor can not look at the factory, buy the cost of tens of thousands of, also want to these is the loss. These are due to the user hasn't been carefully thought out before buying due to factors in the selection of air compressor. So we need to air compressor machine parts, today with everybody to know about the air compressor cylinder of a mysterious switch & ndash; — Magnetic switch, then exist in piston air compressor cylinder of the magnetic switch is going on?

the magnetic switch is mainly in the cylinder and solenoid valve, the combination of the magnetic switch have what effect? The magnetic switch is mainly rely on the traditional piston works, there is a leaf in the magnetic switch, in the process of operation, when the circular motion occurs, reed can detect the running status of cylinder, if you are running is incomplete, no signal.

I know basic GeLinKeEr mute piston air compressor is the use of the magnetic switch, use the advantage of the magnetic switch is that this kind of air compressor cylinder does not need to set up extra support, relative structure also is not very complicated, therefore, on the use cost is not too high, and on the service life, and the reaction time has a great advantage, it is basically users in the use of the piston air compressor, equipped with such a magnetic switch on the cylinder. Air compressor air compressor cylinder of the magnetic switch is to ensure that users and stable operation of the key factors, hope this article can help to everyone's work and study.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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