Air compressor eight kinds of faults and the solution

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
1. Air compressor can't start the

first checks whether the control voltage. If not, then check the fuse and so on are in good condition; If you have the control voltage, check whether the control relay and time relay operation is normal.

2. Air compressor start not free

boot automatically stop after a few seconds hands, from the aspects of electrical appliances, such as whether the automatic air switch takeoff, voltage is normal, the inlet butterfly valve closing degree is normal, Compressor is could not be started on load) In
Y a delta start, as well as the contactor and three-phase motor is normal.

3. Air compressor is not supply

look for motion control of oil cylinder, if there are any action, check whether there is any mechanical failure on butterfly valve; Such as trouble-free, to see if loading electromagnetic coil of isvs have suction; Exclude ISV, electromagnetic valve, mechanical failure and coil failure after screening them one by one solenoid valve ISV's circuit.

4. Air compressor exhaust pressure too low

first, check the pressure before and after the separation, manual valve and solenoid valve 2 sv adjustment is flat; Then check that the gas pipeline leaks, the butterfly valve is opened entirely, inlet regulator is working correctly, the electromagnetic valve 3 sv, 8 sv whether leakage, pressure switch IPS whether to need to readjust, etc.

5. Air compressor oil imports and downtime

check oil cut-off solenoid valve 5 sv presence of voltage, mechanical part is normal; If normal, check the check valve, for repackaging or replacement.

6. Air compressor exhaust temperature

the exhaust temperature is in commonly 80 ~ 95 ℃. If there is not enough oil cooling, can make the temperature is too high and cause failure. First check the environment temperature, compressor oil, lubricating oil, oil
and cold to move the fan is normal; And then check whether the oil cooler, after cooler is clean, temperature control valve components, broken oil electromagnetic valve voltage and body part is normal, if there is damage of diaphragm, temperature control valve spool is action, etc. , need to change; Finally check whether the oil filter dirty or need to change.

7. Air compressor oil consumption big

check if trap discharge of condensate oil content is too big, compressor oil is on the high side, the minimum pressure valve opening pressure is normal, return pipe is blocked, the oil separator is blocking, etc. These problems will affect the fuel consumption, should handle in time.

8. Air compressor in the operation of the automatic stop

first, check whether the machine is normal
automatic stop; Then check that the automatic switch and thermal relay action, whether cause cooling fan motor stop, or exhaust temperature is too high, or pressure is too high, and the motor voltage is normal.
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