Air compressor exhaust noise reducing measures

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Control air compressor inlet noise, can adopt the installation of muffler method commonly. As a result of the air compressor air intake noise for low frequency characteristics, appropriate USES resistant muffler. Resistant muffler is acoustic features of mutation through the pipe will be part of the sound waves reflected back to the sound source direction, reach the purpose of silencing muffler. Mainly used in the low frequency and low frequency noise. The forms are: inflatable, resonance type, expansion chamber type, etc. Stationary air compressor are normally installed in indoor ground, but the air compressor air intake some indoors or outdoors. Air compressor inlet indoors, the noise of air inlet should be slightly lower than the noise of the body, air intake muffler noise elimination quantity should be 15 db ( A) Or so; Air compressor inlet when outdoor, should be based on conditions in the computer room environment, the air compressor air intake noise reduction to the requirements of environmental noise standard, muffler noise elimination quantity shall generally be in 20 db ( A) The above. In order to ensure the sound attenuation effect of muffler, air intake muffler shall generally be in loose materials such as no fiber, no foam resistance muffler, resistance composite muffler or micro perforated plate muffler of microperforated panel and so on. Common resistance of air compressor air intake muffler is in the inlet section of pipeline wall open some uniform holes, and in this period of pipeline external diameter 3 - Four times the closing of the cavity. Holes in the hollow column with cavity structure vibration system, under the resonant frequency, the column of air vibration velocity is large, to overcome the friction consumption sound energy, form a resonance resistance, a low frequency sound reduction. Some of the air compressor inlet is equipped with air filter, air filter on the air inlet airflow noise attenuation, have certain but can not meet the requirement of the noise reduction, still need to increase the silencer. Generally available filter setup silencing hundred pages of the steel silencing, silencing hundred pages made of aluminum alloy plate, mainly to rust; Hundred pages use vertical, is advantageous to the dust; Silencing hundred pages with hollow glass wool sound-absorbing material, the sound absorption performance is good and the hydrophobic material, suitable for use outdoors. Above is something about the air compressor air intake noise reducing measures, for your reference.
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