Air compressor exhaust the bigger the better?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor as the main equipment in industrial production, it is quite important, so how to buy for you? Main air compressor using a wide range, such as the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing industry, textile industry and environmental protection industries are short of one cannot.

because of the air compressor brand, also brought trouble to our customers, want to buy good reputation good quality price is too expensive, the company in order to save cost leadership don't agree with, buy cheap, not have to worry about quality, negative affect company operation and bring to the company's interests. As the saying goes, the mutant ever victorious, this is the eternal truth, will be prior to buy air compressor air compressor.

here are a little bit about the small make up for everybody, in the purchase of air compressor machine we need to understand the operation principle of air compressor, and the parameters such as displacement, exhaust pressure, in the process of production and what are the factors affect on the displacement compressor? How can effective reduce the waste in the air pressure during the equipment? First to understand, what is the air compressor exhaust, simply air compressor exhaust is refers to in the operation of the air compressor in the use of drain, conversion to inhale air volume. Are the major factors affect the air compressor exhaust with points, the first brother: leakage, in the operation of the air compressor is made up of air compressor between rotor and rotor and rotor and shell in operation, operation is not in contact, don't contact time will have certain gap, then will produce gas leak.

the second point: speed, displacement of air compressor is proportional to the air compressor rotate speed, the speed will often changes over voltage frequency. Third point: cooling, air compressor in the process of operation, the gas in the compression temperature rises, the temperature of the air compressor rotor and chassis of Yin and Yang also rise accordingly, so in the process of operation, the gas will be affected by the rotor and the heating and expansion of the chassis, so accordingly will decrease to breathe in. These are to buy air pressure confidential understand the basic principle of don't know to have no to help, but online now for GeLinKeEr ( Xiamen) The compressor brand evaluation is good, you can log on to their company's web site in know.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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