Air compressor frequency conversion transformation is what problem?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the mature of frequency conversion technology, the compressor of frequency conversion transformation has become a hot topic, one of for the advantage of air compressor frequency conversion transformation believe that everyone has to understand somewhat, but everything has two sides, for the problems found during the reform process we also need to know.

air compressor inverter's advantage is obvious, air compressor after frequency conversion transformation can according to the actual needs of the motor to provide the corresponding voltage, to achieve the ultimate goal of energy saving. But by modification with a series of problems also need to pay more attention to.

air compressor is the top issue facing the inverter harmonic pollution problem of frequency converter, harmonic impact of inverter with transformer, motor, electric power capacitor Banks, switchgear, protection appliances, meters, electronic power equipment, and many other parts, by harmonic pollution transformer temperature rise, insulating ability affected, motor calorific aggravate, noise increases. Power capacitor group overload condition that overheating damage and short circuit occurred.

now air compressor frequency conversion transformation has begun to spread, in the face of the air compressor of inverter harmonic problems, we can choose to install reactor device such as a filter to solve. Found that the problem can solve the problem, believe that the development of science and technology will make all problems are solved.

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