Air compressor high profits really so terrible?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
A lot of people envy sales line, especially the screw air compressor industry. Appearance looks very, very grand. But the inner lonely only oneself understand. In a suit and tie, a briefcase, operating with hundreds of thousands of contract, envy ah, very rich! But the inner humbled themselves can bear alone.

as the saying goes, three years don't sign the bill, sign the bill for three years. In the period of planned economy, market information is not transparent, you can't get the latest technical information, etc. , many businesses is in a period of asymmetric information to the customer offer top, top prices. Many customers at the same time also is unable to determine product performance and quality, only by price to determine product quality. Blindly believe that the more expensive the quality of the products, the better. This is also the consumption psychology contributed to market price. When many are profiteering merchants contract. Profit is as high as 200% above.

in recent years, with the network development of the country with each passing day, especially the jingdong, alibaba, a large number of electric business enterprise's development, promote the development of the national information technology leap, network transparency brings customers on the product performance, quality, price comparison and facilitation. Promote the rationalization of product prices and market sales environment of institutionalization, transparent and reasonable. The probability of black-box operation greatly reduced. Xiamen now have companies buy German GeLinKeEr screw air compressor, after customer release information through the network, the link of bidding to the overseas several brands of the class, class performance, service, quality and so on all aspects of the contrast. Today's air compressor machine sales gross profit margin is only 10%. Well below the average machinery industry. For GeLinKeEr enterprises so large producers, running cost far more than 10% of sales. Is conducive to enterprise development. Today's air compressor industry sales have been in vicious competition environment, against the development of the industry as a whole and capacity for technical innovation.

low profits of the terrible air compressor industry, as a responsible enterprise must ensure the benign development of the enterprise, providing customers with cost-effective products and excellent after-sales service is the development of the enterprise. GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor enterprise treasure clients every penny, for all customers with excellent products and fast efficient service. Sales service hotline at 400 900 8509

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