Air compressor how to choose the suitable air tank?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Buy a air compressor, how to choose a suitable size of gasholder. So why need to configure the propane tanks.

air compressor simple device is a cheer. Role is to make regular atmospheric pressure after compression to 8 kg, 10 kg, 13 kg or 300 kg of a device.

gasholder is stored gas cans from literal meaning to understand. The role of the gasholder is compressed high-pressure gas storage air compressor, air tank, one import and export, the low end of the mouth is the air inlet, high-end mouth is the outlet. At the same time air tank configuration at the bottom of the relief valve and pressure gauge and drain valve and so on auxiliary parts. Gas-holder in addition to have the function of the storage of high pressure of compressed air, compressed air also concrete condensation of water.

why air compressor export must need to configure the gasholder, the need to know from the principle of air compressor. I won't discuss today, in short in order to prevent air compressor frequent start-stop, guarantee the stability of the output pressure, in the air compressor system basic need to configure the gasholder to buffer, voltage regulator, etc. So how to choose the air tank size, is there any formula or rules to follow. The author to share today.

gasholder are the main parameters are the size and volume of storage medium and pressure of tank, such as the core parameters. Such as type C - 1/8 gasholder are mainly expressed as compressed air carbon steel storage tanks, 1 cubic container, Zui high work pressure 8 kg. So if with air compressor to cooperate, it basically see the core parameters of air compressor and the frequency of the air compressor. The parameters of the air compressor mainly is displacement and exhaust pressure. Such as the German GeLinKeEr DRC - screw air compressor 37 kw, 50 a, motor power from 6. 5 cubic, Zui high exhaust pressure 0. 8 kg. So how to choose the air tank size, in air compressor industry, no strict formula to choose the size of the storage tanks can follow, the volume of gas storage is commonly according to the 1/3 of the air compressor exhaust - - - 1/5 to choose between them. The author recommended GeLinKeEr DRC - 50 a machine can choose 1 cubic 8 kg air tank, also can choose 1. 5 cubic 8 kg gasholder, if the customer site instantly compressed air under the condition of high demand, also can choose 2 - 3 cubic gasholder, but for pressure decision cannot under Zui high exhaust pressure of air compressor.

if you have no idea about how to choose the propane tanks or situation, can at any time consulting us. This article if you have any technical requirements or have different argument, welcome everyone to visit GeLinKeEr website. Let's talk together to learn and grow together.

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