Air compressor how to distinguish the size?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor is one of the more important energy equipment at present, because of its use has spread in all walks of life, many people choose to buy the air compressor of the time don't know exactly how to choose, also don't know how to distinguish. In fact, the size of the air compressor is to see the power of air compressor, as a power for 7 kw air compressor, it is the size of the 7 kw, displacement is also need to see, of course, after determine the size of the power and displacement can be the right choice the size of the air compressor. GeLinKeEr air compressor power from 4 kw to 90 kw, some, if you need to consult them.

before because of the industrialization, and the limitation of the production, air compressor is only a kind of piston type air compressor, with the maturity of various aspects technology at present, the piston type air compressor has been eliminated by this time, because it is not only the noise big, energy-saving, and not in the aspect of maintenance is not very convenient, is currently in use more screw air compressor.

screw is divided into oil free and oil, and of course this specific to each industry based on the actual requirement for air quality to decide, such as the pharmaceutical industry and medical industry, and the food industry to very strict air quality requirements, so must must choose when buying air compressor without oil, because the air is directly in contact with the people, and people's life more close relationship. Such as the electronics industry is not very strict to air quality requirement can choose micro oil or oil.

the other air compressor selection must not be less than the size of the actual use of power and gas, is equal to or greater than can be. There are some enterprises because of the air compressor is 24 hours of operation, so that a machine is certainly not enough, one thousand fails, the whole production must be stopped and impact the delivery of one thousand customers fines that loss is very big, it is better to spend money to buy a spare machine, and also can be replaced to use, is always a machine work is also influential to its life.

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