Air compressor industry -- — Energy conservation and environmental protection the trend of The Times

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Since entering the 21st century, China's rapid development of economy and science and technology and so on various aspects, China is one of the world's great powers, energy conservation and environmental protection is the key of the national long-term development. Such as the development of new energy vehicles have gradually formed a trend, especially oil nervous today, makes the new energy get comprehensive development. Today in China, new energy automobile market is recognised by many as today's another growth point of economic development, slowly stepped into common people's family, become the indispensable tool. Statistics of 2017 new energy vehicles has sold more than 2 million vehicles, experts predict new energy automobile sales in 2018 is expected to more than 3 million vehicles. According to the data, thus it can be seen in the China energy conservation and environmental protection the trend of The Times!

in early 2018, a well-known domestic new energy automobile manufacturing enterprise in east China city investment of hundreds of millions of dollars to develop new energy vehicles unmanned function of power battery and automobile. Team leader of the enterprise technology especially attaches great importance to the new factory equipment procurement, such as plant air dynamic field equipment, the stability of air compressor, air quality, the requirement of high energy consumption.

xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technical staff and the enterprise technology executives discussion for many times, for the enterprises to choose the reasonable PM + models, this model is the permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor, than similar products energy saving more than five percent of the market, through open and fair system of bidding, GeLinKeEr air compressor equipment to get the business.

energy conservation and environmental protection is the trend of The Times, from all walks of life in today's society GeLinKeEr company also in the squad. GeLinKeEr air compressor company vision is to carry forward the spirit, makes the leading energy conservation environmental protection air compressor brand! GeLinKeEr company's mission is to improve the staff's happiness index, the construction of a harmonious society.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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