Air compressor is out of order how to prevent

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor fault, often not suddenly appear, early is, to some extent, the existence of hidden dangers or represented in a variety of ways, such as numerical representation, we must to be vigilant against various fault omen, help operators and maintenance personnel of early detection of accident precursor, nip in the bud. Now we for the general user analysis under several conditions:

a sound, vibration, air compressor

air compressor in the process of operation of very large ring, is the equipment in the alarm, in the process of operation of the machine inside the volatility, the inside of the air compressor pump head bearing wear, rotor balancing Yin and Yang, the rotor has worn away, the operation of the host load increases, and the motor loose solid implementation, with other sundries in equipment in inlet valve, wear and tear of the compressor of the nose, the clearance between the rotor will be more and more big, the current is very large, so that the machine will break down and a series of cases. That cause friction, vibration and noise.

2, air compressor oil and smell

air compressor in the process of running more or less will spill, behind the compressed air compressor has oil leakage phenomenon, we analyze the now, air compressor oil, generally is the necessarily tubing joint leakage, need to pipe pressure, the air compressor's confidential letter where the oil need to replace aging seal air compressor internal leak or very good treatment, but the air compressor gas with oil leakage, it is more troublesome, in general, is the captain of the air compressor time no maintenance, built-in oil aging oil leakage, or use of counterfeit maintenance accessories, one-way oil return valve is also lead to the back-end oil leakage, need to update as soon as possible, the air compressor oil leakage is the general condition, need we observe a lot.

3, peculiar smell

air compressor motor insulation aging, jammed and there will be a wire aging coke, including air compressor not often maintenance, is the leading cause of peculiar smell.

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