Air compressor local pressurization

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Have a friend familiar with air compressor energy saving technology, you should have heard local pressurization air compressor technology. This technique mainly for air compressor in Zui high pressure is the origin of waste arises at the historic moment, in this article today, popularize the local pressurization air compressor for you the door technology.

first talk about the air compressor for local pressurization if necessary. As you all know, now most of the factories usually give the configuration of the air compressor piping are relatively single, also talked about before, the disadvantages of this approach is that when set in Zui under the condition of high pressure, air compressor will in this kind of highest stress state, the overall long-term doing that can only lead to air compressor energy consumption rising rapidly, but also the possibility of compressed air leakage may occur. In fact, most of factory equipment, the overall demand for high pressure is not so big, most factories are mostly USES the local pressurization technology, this way for now is more economic and energy saving.

the current mainstream of local pressurization air compressor technology is divided into several? One is electric booster, the other is the pneumatic booster.

( 1) Electric booster: same principle and turbo booster, through pressurization to air supply more fully, the current application which is more a way of the mainstream.

( 2) Pneumatic pressure, and the way of electric charging power supply is different, pneumatic supercharging do not need to connect the power supply, is the main use of low pressure air compressor produce compressed air as the drive, thus to provide the necessary air compressor pressure.

at present this kind of mature technology in addition to import brands, such as GeLinKeEr brand in domestic air compressor also has a lot of popular, hope this article to help everybody learning tasks.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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