Air compressor lubricants correct use

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
How to correctly use air compressor lubricants, this has always been its people need to master the knowledge of air compressor. Under this article to popular science today how to correctly use air compressor lubricants, and compare some habits at ordinary times, take a look at where and do not get a.

A, A lot of people may not know, use air compressor lubricants are dedicated, and other industry brand lubricants and cannot be used to confuse. In addition to want to notice this, frequently change between different kinds of air compressor oil may also cause problems, for example the user fully synthetic oil have been used, there is no need to switch back to mineral oil, because is not good for the machine. But this kind of circumstance also is depending on the specific situation, for example, using the original mineral oil, and then in turn into oil, air compressor can give better protection;

B, after each time add air compressor lubricant before, you need to use special container for cheng fang, lubricating oil type the name of the annotation on the container of related;

C, in the add has been completed, need to accurately record the relevant data, after in the record relevant data, need to store air compressor oil seal.

in addition, if after using for a long time, the management of air compressor lubricants users found near or lubricant oil change cycle itself quality problem, you are not sure whether to replace, identified the need to find a professional manufacturers, but directly buy brand air compressor lubricants can save a large sum of cost for you, also when replacing worry, this is also there are many factories in jiangsu users add GeLinKeEr GeLinKeEr air compressor factory of air compressor lubricant.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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