Air compressor machine how to cope with the arrival of the rainy season?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr axial-flow compressor. in order air compressor water is a relatively easy task, the user how to deal with?

 1. Carefully check dryer drier can effective cleansing to remove the moisture in the air, the filter have the effect of auxiliary. Like air compressor, dryer will also be affected by the change of temperature and humidity. So it is important to check the dryer is also, dryer running state, affect the quality and the effect of air compressor compressed air.

2. Maintain air compressor drain unobstructed once air compressor to remove moisture from the air, you need to remove from the system. Using electric valve drain good way is to ensure that the system doesn't leave water. Check air compressor equipment connect the drainage pipe, to ensure that the drainage fully; Residual moisture will cause all sorts of problems, lead to bacterial growth. Don't stay open for a long time to ensure that the drain is also very important, because this can lead to loss of air.

 3. Intelligent monitoring of air compressor set air compressor of the intelligent monitoring system is always critical, users regularly completes the repair and maintenance, to ensure that the components are able to run effective cleansing. Intelligent monitoring system, which can continuously monitor and essence is the operation of air compressor in the reaction, if you have any abnormal, the user can be rapid response, response.

so, the rainy season, as long as we earnestly the moisture of the air compressor protection, to guarantee the normal air compressor system run in all the earth, thus to reduce the cost of machine maintenance, bring more benefit for the enterprise. GeLinKeEr xiamen air compressor, there are more than ten years experience of engineers free of air compressor system installation plan, let you more worry and ease.
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