Air compressor machine, recommend to save power

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor save electricity? This depends on the use of your factory environment and in the use of air compressor types at the moment. If you use the piston machine, then switch to screw or permanent magnet power frequency inverter, it is possible to save electricity. Compared the two kinds of air compressor, no one dare say more power saving than another, because for equipment load infrequently, real-time gas fluctuation is not big, For example has been at full load) The user, the gap is not big. So here recommend some machine power frequency and permanent magnet machine number, for you choose.

( 1) 刚果民主共和国, 10 PM + 15 a/a / 20 a II: the secondary compression permanent magnet frequency changer, either in full or not under the full load condition, the model of the air compressor on the energy efficiency can give a satisfactory answer, all kinds of users simply compared to domestic energy efficiency standards for: these a few air compressor under full load condition, compared with 1 level to save energy consumption by 15%, compared to level 2 to save 25% of energy consumption, energy consumption at level 3, there are also save 34% of the excellent result. Is the extreme case, of course, now the factory most of the air compressor load rate is 70%, based on this, the models of air compressor to save 32% energy consumption than level 1, level 2 to save energy consumption by 41%, when compared with level 3 energy consumption, can save 51% electricity, a simple example, the user has a label for level 3 energy efficiency of air compressor, electricity cost 20000 yuan a year, and DRC series can do it for the user to save 10000 multivariate, only need to spend less than 10000 electricity each year;

( 2) DRCGW - 7. 5/11/15/18. 5: oil-free screw machine: is suitable for all kinds of laboratory, hospital operating room scene, removes the annoyance of lubricating oil, with oil machine, compared with the power to save at least 50% of the premium with, if you had to pay 20000 yuan a year in the premium access, then save using this machine oil, can save 10000 yuan of maintenance costs, each month with the power consumption of electricity is far more than aircraft.

the above air compressor machine number in the aspect of energy saving performance is good, if not a friend, don't believe so much electricity function of air compressor province.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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