Air compressor maintenance and maintenance

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Most of the maintenance of air compressor may not be too seriously, but want to air compressor can be highly efficient and stable operation, the maintenance work is indispensable. GeLinKeEr air compressor, after-sale accessories are factory direct delivery, each maintenance free replacement parts mainly filter, oil filter, oil and gas separator and oil, now some new machines are equipped with filter sponge.

brother step empty filter is compressed gas filter, filtering compressed air compressor and then into the air compressor, diameter within 15 u impurities can be separated, if you don't replace air filters use for a long time, a large amount of impurity cannot be filtered out, with compressed air into the air compressor together, it will also affect the use of oil filter and oil content, these impurities will be brought to the host, resulting in failure of bearing, the gaps between the rotor will have a lot of impurities. Although these consumables factory requirement is at least two thousand hours to be replaced, but suggested that the user at the time of use, good Zui weekly air filter can be removed clean once, this way, special use of the environment is poor, such as chemical plants, mines, etc. When installed after the clean must be installed, if not sealed, users often Zui good to ask professional people to operate.

new machine using the material in the machine running when they need to change the full five hundred hours, shall not exceed the use of the time specified in the instructions, therefore cause damage to the machine, the factory will do not assume maintenance. Oil and gas separator, five hundred hours of time can not change the running of the machine, considering the cost, the price of oil relative to a little higher, and it is influenced by the environment relative to a little bit small. Change can be normal operation of two thousand hours. And Zui important is lubricating oil, lubricating oil if use bad, coking would be accelerated, machine is easy to produce heat. No matter which brand air compressor factory production of the lubricant must be used.

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