Air compressor maintenance cost is too high there is a solution

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
“ Existence is reasonable & throughout; Aeriform in, this sentence has become a phrase in today's market, many peers always complain that use air compressor air compressor maintenance now how so high ah, a few years ago spend 1000 dollars can do a good job in a set of maintenance, now also is a set of processes, prices exceed more than doubled. Not only is the air compressor industry, propane tanks also have potential signs of this increase.

for this kind of phenomenon, the small make up of the specially invited to GeLinKeEr bao engineers, let her talk to some views in today's market price machine.

bao engineer first talked about, now many companies just complain about the high cost of maintenance, but never considered objectively, what they use more than 10 years ago to buy air compressor, the production efficiency is very low, not only are more likely to pose a safety hazard. Zui good is to upgrade the obsolete products, and if there is within the scope of, also can consider to do the energy conservation transformation, as far as he know, xiamen ou can do energy-saving transformation system of experts, actual combat experience is very rich, have dozens of all domestic energy-saving reform of the successful cases of listed companies, the cost of the average can save thousands a year.

second, some customers please of the maintenance personnel lack of awareness of the protection of vulnerable components and irresponsible attitude, at the time of its installation is very easy to cause damage to components, if the customer can learn to read the instructions carefully, may be able to avoid unnecessary parts replacement.

the third point, bao, engineers said, this is also one of his little, if air compressor enterprise to maintenance people rewarding merit of hard work, develop a reasonable internal assessment system, to arouse the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel can play a critical role.

regular maintenance is indispensable, the cost of maintenance is not a two words can come down, for the details of the maintenance and it is very important to grasp, don't cry because it is in some of the omissions and unnecessary mistakes.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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