Air compressor maintenance in addition to the manufacturer to the customer need to attach importance to it

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Must have a lot of people have ever had such an experience: when someone compliments you, say something nice about you, your mood will become good, more listening to other people said; But someone give you some advice, point out which point you is insufficient, this time you might don't want to. As the saying goes, advice when most needed is least heeded, in fact, everyone is so of, say do alike for different people, or it's hard to do it. Actually do air compressor maintenance also is such, manufacturer's maintenance personnel after finish a after-sales service, give you a little hint, you may not be willing to listen to, no according to engineer to do; Then after 2 months, your machine downtime for the same question again, this time you went to a private repair shop, under the fool you spent more money than regular maintenance.

an example of this is common. Two months ago, some environmental protection company GeLinKeEr bao engineer to check air compressor outage, after a series of relatively regular testing, outage BaoGong found air compressor is mainly due to the nose water phenomenon happened. In in the process of communication with customers, clients admitted is due to your error. Also during the warranty period for machine parts, GeLinKeEr after-sale free for the customer to replace the a/accessories. BaoGong repeatedly reminds the client before I leave the same error cannot be made again.

2 months later, GeLinKeEr and received the same customer calls. After testing, or the same problem, the cause of the same. Customers don't cooperate, we also is very difficult. For professional attitude, GeLinKeEr or the customer's machine will be repaired. In the end, do maintenance this question seriously, is need us to pay attention to, manufacturer to do careful maintenance, customer also want to care about their machines.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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