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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Introduced above to choose high precision air filters, and in a timely manner to maintain the need for air filter, but the maintenance program is called 'a/an oil', of course, because of this a few need maintenance is the complementary relationship between components, they influence each other, social phenomena, do not exist independently. Some pieces of high quality, or separate maintenance also cannot have the effect of eliminate or improve energy efficiency. Today, from the Angle of the air compressor machine efficiency alone to introduce the necessity and importance of oil filter and oil content maintenance. One, the oil filter, oil filter for the influence of the air compressor is mainly manifested in the following three aspects: 1. Oil filter for dust: oil filter principle is adsorption filtration, dust filtering effect depends on the capacity of quantity rather than the size of the filtering precision. Capacity of large quantities of dust late oil filter resistance is small, efficiency is relatively higher. 2. Poor quality of the filtering elements of oil filters filter resistance: oil filter, using resistance after a period of time will be more and more big, affect the function of air compressor. 3. Oil filter anti-aging ability: anti-aging ability of the oil filter, by using late filter carbide, rather than filtering, even to form a new pollution source, increase the rear oil pressure difference, thus reducing efficiency. Oil: oil content on the influence of the energy efficiency is mainly oil differential pressure, the differential pressure including two aspects: 1. Initial pressure difference: in general, even if the oil producing method, the initial differential pressure will not very big, therefore has less impact on energy efficiency, overall advice to choose the initial pressure difference and low oil content. 2. In mid and late middle pressure difference: the low differential pressure oil can greatly improve the energy efficiency of air compressor, and differential pressure is too high for the following reasons: low air filter precision, leading to dust adhesion; The poor quality of lubricating oil, too much; Humid air system or machine operation temperature is too low to water too much; Oil content itself design flaws. From the above oil content on the influence of the air compressor function effect can be seen, a large part of the effects of oil content is depends on the quality, by the other components that maintain itself while also need good quality, but alone selects the high quality oil and timely maintenance, ignore other parts air compressor is not impossible to achieve the overall efficiency of large ascension, even it will drag down the machine efficiency. Therefore a oil '' a/maintenance is necessary. GeLinKeEr so-called's brand of air compressor, in the selection of a oil '' a/never to control costs, or make some of the so-called' 8000 hours 'service life but cannot reduce the middle pressure differential oil components. Most models adopt foreign brands, and AC group of hummel a/custom air compressor lubricants. The good life, to create together!
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