Air compressor maintenance on time needed?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As GeLinKeEr ( Xiamen) Compressor after-sales service personnel, and often go out with clients and to the customer site maintenance, but also often hear your maintenance is too expensive, customer said other companies how cheap it is maintenance of air compressor, the price is our half of the maintenance of air compressor.

these are the surface phenomenon, customers on the maintenance process is not very understand, easy to produce misunderstanding, and I don't know our air compressor maintenance accessories are through strict performance and durability test, this is cheap substitutes can't do it.

just like our car maintenance, the use of inferior and cheap oil for a long time, will cause the car engine and the transmission system parts of aging and shorter service life, increase our personal about car maintenance. Although we save the cost of a car, but for us after driving safety has increased more risk. And our air compressor maintenance and the normal maintenance of the car is basically the same.

and we use original spare parts and timely maintenance, can prolong the service life of the whole unit and equipment, avoid using the equipment of waste, energy consumption and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs later. And our customer can maximum reduce the cost of using compressed air in the process of production, and ensure the normal operation of gas equipment, the key to avoid a major accident, let us some boycott bad products, use the original factory accessories. Reduce the environment pollution, create a clean environment space.

because of the dust and oil and gas mixture with air flow easy adsorption on the surface of air compressor radiator, the heat dissipation effect could not reach the requirements of our air compressor design, due to the radiator surface was chocked up with dirt, and our air compressor itself with the fan doesn't blow through high-speed circulation of oil in the radiator, this led to high temperature machine downtime, and high temperature for a long time, lead to easy oxidation of lubricating oil, coking, oil system of the machine block. Is customer explains the cause of machine failure, our service engineers advised clients cooler cleaning, clean the machine line, making the machine's maintenance, once again confirmed that professional people do professional thing, after GeLinKeEr do to after-sales service all services.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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