Air compressor maintenance process specification

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Have many users need to do air compressor air compressor maintenance, maintenance must then how did I do for you, let me to introduce you to:

1, to the customer site, notify the customer of the air compressor maintenance package first put in storage, or counting the maintenance of the goods and sign shipping list;

2, after the goods moved to air compressor machine room, in the interior of the air compressor and the previous record fault code of the host controller, etc. , potential problems need to inform the customer ahead of air compressor solutions in a timely manner;

3, the first online carbon import air compressor cleaner to clean air compressor to 1 hour.

4, sent out the inside of the air compressor rotor oil, put clean thoroughly, after close drain valve plug;

5, replace the air filter, and clean up the dust in the air compressor air filter shell inside and outside.

6, replace the oil filter, noted that the seal pressure;

7, air compressor oil and gas separator is dismantled, according to the size of the power of the air compressor into suitable lubricating oil to ensure air compressor rotor can be normal use;

8, install the new oil and gas separator, and install the good seal, need to pay attention to this time be sure to lock the oil and gas ran out of the barrel to prevent oil and gas sealing ring;

9, clean up the air compressor internal timer and reset the parameters of the host controller.

10, the inside and outside of the air compressor oil and dust, clean air compressor machine room environment clean and ventilated.

11, after open air compressor is observed for a period of time due to maintenance didn't pay attention to ignore the place, until the air compressor normal no problem.

12, air compressor maintenance after single record the situation of the air compressor, used for the next review memo and the user scene together sign

the process air compressor, the hope can help to the back of the SOP as a standard work instruction.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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