Air compressor maintenance small problems often encountered

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor in the process of maintenance, often encounter some small problems, let people unprepared himself is a mechanical and electrical equipment equipment manager in xiamen, the company since 2006, large and small replaced QiBaTai air compressor failure problems also encountered many times. In several different vendors in the process of maintenance, even there are GeLinKeEr such high quality air compressor maintenance vendor escort for us, but in the choice of different air compressor supplier to the company to do maintenance, can't guarantee each air compressor maintenance smoothly like GeLinKeEr company to this company, as the customer itself, witnessed a lot of in the air compressor maintenance small problems often encountered in this simple for everyone to share.

A, air compressor gas suddenly beyond routine: the reasons for this situation is mainly comes from air compressor has been affected by the load is larger, even exhaust rate has not changed, the oil and gas mixture through the flow rate of the equipment will be intensified, resulting in high energy consumption of lubricating oil.

B, in the process of maintenance, use the lubricating oil quality closes nevertheless, many users think of air compressor lubricants brand is not important, but in fact, at the time of air compressor exhaust temperature, the lubricating oil brings you not only than regular GeLinKeEr air compressor lubricants exceed 50% of the energy consumption, after maintenance, if you can't replace the normal lubricating oil for a long time, so your machine soon face scrap downtime, heavy damage in a factory.

C, if the above two points can be ruled out, that is about to consider whether you at ordinary times the amount of oil added too much. Because too much oil will lead to part of the oil spill, In fact, this part of the oil is invalid in running) , resulting in rising air compressor oil consumption somehow.

in addition to the above points, the quality of the return pipe is bad or installation by foreign bodies blocked, oil return valve, oil core, such as improper installation and damage will cause the failure in the process of air compressor maintenance.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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