Air compressor measures to resolve the common problems

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor maintenance are usually sales company to help solve, but when the machine is eager to use, you need our own quick find out problems, below the can introduce several common faults and its solutions.

1, automatic stop

when the automatic stop running air compressor, we need to consider is whether the machine itself is normal. Also need to check the air compressor automatic switch, thermal relay, pressure, voltage, cooling fan, etc.

2, high temperature

sky high exhaust temperature of the compressor, now need to look at the cooling of the lubricating oil is enough, the temperature too high can cause air compressor failure. Should first check the compressor oil, oily and frozen fan is normal, then check the cleanliness of the cooler, charged with moderate original valve and valve body part of the power is normal, if there is any broken parts need to be replaced.

3, startup problems

to check it first, it's voltage and the condition of the relay is not normal, its automatic halt when press start we want to consider to automatic air switch, inlet valve closing degree, voltage, contactor, such as whether the normal work.

4, gas

air compressor exhaust pressure too low, check valve and trachea is a flat, regulator is working correctly, and electromagnetic valve and pressure switch, and so on and so forth. Sky compressor not gas, need to look at the control cylinder without action, butterfly presence of mechanical failure. Ruled out of the above circumstances, coil and row electromagnetic valve mechanical malfunction, after screening them one by one solenoid valve in the circuit.

for these common problems, our own in the process of work can do a good job in basic maintenance of air compressor, don't delay our work, also can avoid the waste of money.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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