Air compressor noise at work

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor noise problems affect the work of workers and surrounding residents' life, not only to cause a decline in workers' efficiency and residents living lower quality of life, serious can cause safety accident and deafness. Air compressor unit at run time, the noise is very big, the main sources of noise into the outlet, the body itself to design institutions, motor, etc. Air compressor noise source of governance the static common effective measures:
1. Equipped with vibration isolation platform, the air compressor base mount suspension platform, to cut off the air compressor noise transmitted through the ground, reduce the vibration noise;

2. Installation of muffler, the outlet of air compressor into the installation muffler to reduce noise spread through the air;

3. Increase the enclosures, compressive strength and of the body and the shell to install a sound insulation cover to reduce the mechanical noise and motor noise;

4. Equipment maintenance and maintenance, and analysis of the fan blades to have damaged, replace lubricating oil regularly, reduce friction, reduce the generation of noise.
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