Air compressor oil from synthetic oil with mineral oils have what effect?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As you all know, air compressor oil into synthetic oil and mineral oil, synthetic oil and subdivided into total synthesis and below half synthetic mineral oil. The gap between the price of mineral oil synthetic is relatively large, the difference to what state? I have seen over the past few years, there is no lack of some customers prefer to use cheap mineral oil instead of synthetic oil. Although are lubricating oil, but on the lubrication effect does, indeed, there is a big gap. Change again especially from synthetic oil by mineral oil, is you can't imagine.

even if is the same type of air compressor, the use of different type, the type and the viscosity of lubricating oil, on fuel consumption are there will be a concrete embodiment of, let alone from synthetic oil and then change to the lubrication effect is poorer, more obvious mineral oil fuel consumption. Had learned a customer use GeLinKeEr air compressor lubricants, DRC - 2 years before 30 a is to use the manufacturer recommended brand of synthetic lubricants, maintain a change every year, 2 years down smoothly. Later in the year during the winter months when think of synthetic oil replacement cost is too high, and want to find another brand manufacturers to replace lubricating oil, because at that time, a manufacturer for his offer is very attractive, this is readily accepted.

but after six months, the system of fuel consumption is higher and higher, every month until eight months later, one day stop air compressor high temperature alarm. Then pass professionals disassembly inspection discovered is mineral oil, it's an Epiphany: low temperature in winter, mineral oil itself stability is poorer, more easily oxidized, high viscosity and led to the bearing resistance between the parts is very big, machine running for a long time high temperature caused the downtime. Face scrap, now the overall machine for one thousand yuan price difference is really a pyrrhic victory.

better mobility of synthetic oil under low viscosity can achieve the effect of high temperature resistance, manufacturer itself, moderate viscosity oil itself, can ensure that all parts of the air compressor parts resistance is moderate, for the fuel consumption of the ascension is quite obvious. Therefore choose GeLinKeEr to the total synthesis of high quality oil, can help users of air compressor to achieve greater energy saving, to know the air compressor energy saving is not only depend on the equipment, accessories can also realize energy saving.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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