Air compressor pneumatic - valve attachment is introduced

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Machinery industry is gradually introduced automation, today will give you about the air compressor industry in the process of automation is very important part of & ndash; — How about air compressor pneumatic control valve selection. In the pneumatic control valve selection is the key to how to select the attachments, in this article to introduce some simple air compressor pneumatic - valve on a few attachments.

1, who is familiar with the air compressor must know solenoid valve. To know the electromagnetic valve capacity, the greater the pneumatic control valve action time is shorter;

2, can magnify the power of the pneumatic relay, also can connect the regulator with the scene between signal realize the function of the enlarged or reduced;

3, another is to form a complete set of accessories, pneumatic actuators called valve positioner, valve is mainly realized the accurate positioning, currently on the market this type of positioner is mainly divided into two kinds, one is mechanical, another kind is electronic. Recommend to use electronic locator, besides the price is more expensive than that of mechanical, control precision and gas consumption has advantage, in addition the valve positioner, also has a function to buck with the valve transmitter;

4, in the process of automation equipment, often need to mutual transformation between circuit and gas supply, so need to apply to the converter;

5, there is a valve, is in the process of compressed air filter, is responsible for passing on the compressed air pressure from other part, called the pressure reducing valve;

6, in the process of pneumatic control valve use, many users may be worried about one thousand failure? In order to prevent the emergence of this situation, you need to apply the self-locking valve to remove the midway of the signal, the integral parts of state to the eve of failure;

7, the last in use after, need to confirm whether the valve is in a state of closure, this time of the signal from the stroke switches can be used to determine.

these are air compressor pneumatic regulator is the basic introduction of several attachment, hope to help everyone's work and study.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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