Air compressor power, the relationship between the pressure and volume flow

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor power and the relationship between pressure and volume flow what kind of? First of all, we first to get to know the definition of the three. What is the job of the air compressor pressure? Air compressor working pressure, the domestic users often says exhaust pressure. Refers to the ceiling air compressor exhaust gas pressure. The commonly used unit for stress: bar or Mpa, conversion method is: 1 bar = 0. 1 Mpa。 Many users are usually called the pressure unit Kg, in numerical method is: 1 bar = 1 Kg. What is the volume flow of air compressor? Volume flow, domestic users often said displacement or plaque flow. Refers to the exhaust pressure required, air compressor discharge per unit time of gas volume discount amount to the state of the air intake. Volume flow unit is: the m3 / min or L/min, in general, common flow quantity unit: m3 / min. The conversion methods for: 1 m3 = 1000 l. What is the air compressor power? The power of the air compressor is to point to the matched the nameplate power of the drive motor or diesel engine. Power unit is: KW or HP. The conversion methods for: 1 kw material 1. 333马力。 (1) in general, air compressor power refers to the matching of the drive motor or diesel engine nameplate power; (2) the power unit is: KW ( Kw) Or HP ( Horses/HP) 1千瓦≈1。 333马力。 Next, let's look at the relationship among: under the condition of invariable in power, when speed change, volume flow rate and pressure of work also change accordingly; For example: a 22 kw air compressor, determine the working pressure of 7 bar during manufacturing, technology curve calculation according to the compressor speed, displacement of 3. 8立方米/分钟; When determine the working pressure of 8 bar, speed must be reduced ( Otherwise the chance overload driving voltage) . At that time, displacement is 3. 6立方米/分钟; Because, speed decreased, exhaust also reduced accordingly, and so on. The above is to define some phrases about the foundation of air compressor, for your reference.
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