Air compressor quote is according to what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor quote is a consultant is asked many users, the air compressor quote was based largely on what to quote, what is the average price?

air compressor quote

air compressor quote is according to customer requirements, general and user requirements of air compressor to determine the model parameters, and then, according to the application of the industry to determine what kind of compressed air solutions is to use. Different models, different solution with post-processing equipment is different, the natural price will be different. Take the medicine. Treatment industry an oil-free, for example, the general configuration of oil-free post-processing requirements is relatively high, the requirements of the compressed air is oil free. So when doing the solution can choose to use stainless steel storage tanks, filters can also remove odor, remove bacteria. General industry there is no need to use stainless steel storage tanks, also do not need to match to deodorize, filter to remove bacteria.

the place on put together is narrated, air compressor is mainly based on user needs, and industry quotation for solution, different solutions, different price. Such as air compressor to want to seek advice please contact GeLinKeEr manufacturer:. Provide free selection solution for you. In this paper, from xiamen GeLinKeEr compressor technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source.
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