Air compressor runs several?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor, also called air compressor ( English: air compressor) Is the main body in air supply device, it is the prime mover ( Usually the motor, Device that can convert the mechanical energy of gas pressure, is the pressure of compressed air generator.

and air compressor ( Air compressor) A lot of more phyletic, according to the different working principle, performance, different USES and so on all has the certain classification. Here are GeLinKeEr provides the classification of air compressor for you, hope can give you a certain help.

1, according to the principle of work can be divided into three categories: volume model, dynamic model ( Speed type or turbine type) , thermal type compressor. Air compressor classification

2, according to the lubrication method can be divided into oil free compressor and engine oil lubrication compressor.

3, according to the performance can be divided into: low noise, frequency conversion, explosion-proof air compressor, etc.

4, can be divided into: according to the use of refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor, refrigeration compressor, oil field with compressor, natural gas, LPG stations, rock drill, pneumatic tools, vehicle braking, Windows and doors opening and closing, textile machinery, tyre, plastic machinery with compressor, mine compressor, Marine compressor, medical compressor, sandblasting spray paint.

5, according to the type can be divided into: fixed, mobile, enclosed.

finish see these classifications, to learn more about air compressor, see GeLinKeEr website, GeLinKeEr air compressor can be many models to choose, can meet the different needs of users, such as have not understand place, please call GeLinKeEr, GeLinKeEr have specialized engineers will provide you with suitable air compressor system installation scheme. Welcome to call the GeLinKeEr consulting for details.
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