Air compressor sales prospects?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor sales prospects?

from the external environment perspective: careful, optimistic as a whole.

the macroeconomic stabilisation and export, consumption market gradually improve, promote intensive introduce investment policies, and social capital to be near the real economy, industry. On the supply side to capacity, adjust the structure of the at the same time, new technologies, new industries and new model and new market main body constantly emerging, especially prone to a new generation of information technology, to the traditional industry is accelerating seeped through melting, industry quality, efficiency and power change change change - — All this is an updated version of a compressor put forward higher technical requirements, also make room for the market demand.

from industry development perspective: the opportunity is much, challenges remain.

with the development of China's economy into the new normal, environmental issues highlighted, nervous energy situation, health security problem is increasingly concerned, green environmental protection, saving energy and reducing consumption as many industrial enterprises and long-term goal. Low price and low cost is no longer a compressor the means of competition of the enterprise, market basic bid farewell to the price war, war in value. Based on this, in 2019, compressor industry will be in two stage compression, super grade 1 energy efficiency, without oil lubrication, hydraulic screw, low pressure blower, centrifuge miniaturization and energy-saving renovation, contract energy management in many aspects, such as huge opportunities for development.

of course, 2019 compressor industry also faces new challenges: companies need to start thinking about the idea of the manufacturers and users on how to value? Under the framework of strategic technology reserve enough, talent reserve enough strong? From the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry positioning, presence of suitable products, products have corresponding user groups? Compressor, as a kind of traditional power equipment, has been controversial since mass into industrial applications, from time to time have a 'sunset industry'. However, under the background of new era, coruscate gives new development situation, competition factors more diverse, products more close to the market. The era of 'sales' has become the past type, enterprise awareness to keep up with the industry forward, head of the steps can not be eliminated. This requires, 2019 compressor sales requires considerable product quality and market awareness. Speak in a data, can find more opportunities and challenges. If free press demand, can call GeLinKeEr air compressor.
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