Air compressor sensor technology and application development trend

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Pressure sensor in the application of air compressor and safety management system

in the safety management system, to control side airbags pressure sensor. Air compressor and safety management system is also widely used sensor field. Air compressor of the side airbag control acceleration sensor and pressure sensor two scheme. Authoritative data show that, compared with the acceleration sensor, pressure sensor in testing the side impact speed, nearly three times faster than acceleration sensor, and the probability of misoperation is smaller. Be worth what carry is, micromation sensor using micro machining technology to micron level of sensitive element, signal conditioning, data processing equipment integrated packaging on a chip. Because of its small volume, price cheap, easy to integration and other characteristics, can improve precision of the system test, such as the miniature pressure sensor and the micro temperature sensor integrated together, pressure and temperature is measured at the same time, can through the chip operation elimination pressure influence on the temperature measurement. There are a lot of tiny sensors, such as pressure sensor.

smart sensors are equipped with a dedicated computer, its rapid development to increase the safety performance of air compressor to an unprecedented height. With the development of microelectronics technology and micro mechanical processing technology, the sensor is moving toward miniaturization, multi-functional, intelligent direction. Industry experts from this bullish on air compressor sensor development prospect in China. , they argue, air compressor and an increase in the number of each air compressor machine adopted by the increasing of the sensor, determines the sensor market capacity will increase continuously, the sensor market is entering a ferment in China.

air compressor are various factories, the necessary equipment, road construction, mining and construction industry is mainly used to provide a steady stream of compressed air with certain pressure, pneumatic valve to gas supply, for example, offer needs certain pressure the process flow of the gas source. There are all kinds of air compressor, such as screw air compressor, piston compressor, centrifugal compressor, the vortex type air compressor, etc. , and screw air compressor has great market potential and has been widely used in many industries. Air compressor used in its control loading & ndash; Unloading valve to control the supply of air compressor, because of gas equipment work cycle or the difference of production technology, makes the gas fluctuation, sometimes resulting in frequent air compressor loading and unloading. Air compressor after unloading operation, power frequency still not only a waste of electricity and increase the mechanical wear and tear of equipment, and loading is a process of a sudden, can cause bigger impact on equipment and power grids. So to inverter air compressor has improve the machine up and running, reduce mechanical wear and tear of equipment, such as within a certain range to save electric energy effect.

pressure sensor in the application of air compressor control system

in a single screw air compressor as an example shows that the air compressor working principle, working process of screw air compressor is divided into suction, seal and transportation, compression, exhaust four process. When the screw rotates inside the shell, the tooth groove pitch of screw and shell, by the air inlet air suction, inhale the oil at the same time, due to the tooth groove mating surface rotation in oil and gas sealing and to vent. Tooth groove in the process of conveying meshing clearance became smaller, the oil and gas is compressed; When the tooth groove mating surface rotation to shell vent, high pressure oil and gas mixture eduction body.

the inverter can by changing the way the screw rotor speed to change displacement, when gas change, frequency converter to change speed way to adjust the displacement of air compressor, exhaust pressure constant, and the purpose of saving energy.

in air compressor control system, using air compressor back-end venting pipe installed on the pressure sensor to control the pressure of the air compressor. Air compressor starts, loading electromagnetic valve closed, load cylinder is not action, frequency converter drive motor no-load running, for a period of time ( Can be set arbitrary controller, in this set to 10 s) After loading the electromagnetic valve is opened, air compressor load operation. After the air compressor is up and running, if the backend device gas is larger, storage tanks and the back-end compressed gas pressure in the pipeline pressure upper limit has not been achieved, the controller action loading valve, open the air inlet, motor load operation, constantly backend line produce compressed gas. If the back-end gas equipment to stop gas, backend line and compressed air pressure in the gas tank is increasing, when reach maximum pressure value, pressure sensor signal unloading, loading electromagnetic valve to stop working, and air inlet filter closed, motor no-load running.

press run continuously, the compressor main body temperature will rise, when the temperature reaches a certain degree, this system is set to 80 ℃ ( Can have the controller according to the application environment set) The fan starts running to reduce the operating temperature of the host. Fan operation for a period of time, the host temperature drop, fan stalling is below 75 ℃.

on the market at present commonly used pressure sensors of air compressor machine has the SMI product SM5420 chip made of pressure transmitter and American horney, MLH016BSB01B pressure sensor. Such products are mainly used for air compressor, water treatment equipment, industrial equipment, building, HVAC, oil, automobile, etc. , OEM factory.
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