Air compressor several key points that should pay attention to energy saving method

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
How in the condition of air compressor to run as far as possible to save, is the hot topic in nowadays. Usually, can adopt the following methods to achieve the purpose of energy conservation: 1. Improve the transmission efficiency of air compressor more use of V belt transmission between motor and compressor, although V belt has the advantages of stable transmission, but usually choose dogan tape in parallel manner, the adhesive tape may be due to different elastic or pulley groove exists error caused by uneven load, reduce the transmission efficiency, wasted energy, and reduce the service life of the V belt. Choose high quality, precision, pulley, adhesive tape, uneven load when the one-time change all tape, carefully adjusting the center distance when installation, make sure that all the tape under the same tension, can effectively improve the transmission efficiency. But the use of V belt transmission way cannot eliminate the energy loss, using coaxial rotor and motor structure can solve this problem, also increased the air operation, in full speed within the range of control. 2. Reduce the power consumption of the friction gap size and lubrication of the piston and cylinder suite situation affects the efficiency of air compressor. Clearance will produce leakage loss, is too small, cannot form effective lubrication, increase the friction loss, increased energy consumption of air compressor. Only under the appropriate clearance can maintain effective lubrication. Measures to reduce the friction power consumption are: precision control clearance, change in time for the wear of piston ring, to ensure that the oil viscosity, right circulation quickly, regular maintenance. In addition, attention should be paid according to the season, the change in climate change lubricating oil, under the precondition of good lubrication performance as far as possible choose low viscosity lubricating oil. 3. Reduce the loss of pressure pneumatic system, including air filter, vacuum exhaust valve, cooler, etc, can be compressed air transportation to use equipment. If there is a suction exhaust valve repair or repair problems such as improper, will form a flat, reduce exhaust, thus reduce air compressor efficiency. Reduce the pressure loss, first of all to meet the process as far as possible under the premise of reducing gas circuit system of flow resistance and pressure loss, such as valve, suction pipe as far as possible less as far as possible short and so on; Secondly to use large diameter gas path system and the way of lower plenum; Once again to reduce the equipment internal and external leakage, reduce clearance volume; Fourth to use high quality pneumatic components, such as vacuum exhaust valve should have good sealing performance and low resistance, air filter should choose new ND filter and so on; 5 should be ready to install and daily management work, regular inspection maintenance, to ensure that gas path system is stable and reliable operation. 4. Improve the heat exchange performance of air compressor compressed gas isothermal and adiabatic compression and diverse three, isothermal compression energy consumption is relatively low in theory, but the actual operation process are polytropic compression. To reduce the energy consumption in the process of compression, the need to improve the cooling efficiency. With middle and after cooler in cooling water system, improve the performance of the intercooler is able to make the secondary air inlet temperature is closer to the temperature under the isothermal compression, make sure that back to the cold. Reduce the temperature of cooling water, improve traffic, remove sediment in the piping, equipment, use of water treatment agent to improve water quality, can improve the performance of the cooler. The rational allocation of water pump, the control of water, reduce water loss, effectively reducing power consumption. In the open cooling water system, energy is wasted in the form of heat, measures for comprehensive utilization of waste heat to achieve the goal of energy saving. Such as introducing water into the bathroom, hot water supply, can realize recycling of energy. Closed cooling water system, can be used to increase circulation methods such as pool area to speed up the hot water cooling, but should be controlled cooling water dosage, avoid increasing the energy consumption of the circulating water pump. 5. Reactive power compensation energy-saving air compressor often use asynchronous motor, and the power factor of asynchronous motor is lower, 0 in more. 2 - 0. Between 85, large variation along with the change of load, large energy consumption. Reactive power compensation is on the premise of normal operation of motor, improve the power factor, reduce the energy loss. To install on the electric power capacitor can effectively improve the power factor, especially suitable for continuous operation of the low pressure often medium-sized motor. 6. Frequency control of motor speed and energy saving variable frequency speed regulation and energy saving in the power grid to install between the motor and frequency converter changing frequency, voltage and motor to realize motor drive. Through the inverter control air compressor speed, to adjust energy, can meet the needs of the operation of the light load, matching with the gas displacement. Through the practice has proved that using frequency control method can improve the compressor efficiency under light load operation, reduce the energy consumption of air compressor, create better economic benefits for the enterprise. This system to control the output pressure, the feedback signal to the frequency converter, to be done with a given signal again, after the PID will be integrated signal is sent to a given input, according to the amount of pressure change adjust the rotate speed and power of the motor. 7. More unit group control and energy saving in the gas and gas load fluctuation is bigger, use single of large air compressor is difficult to meet the needs of gas regulation, and often use many sets of air compressor. Multiple unit group control technology is under the condition of many sets of air compressor to run realize one of the effective methods of saving energy, it according to the needs of actual gas selected machines and the Numbers, eliminates unnecessary wastage, significant energy saving effect. Conclusion: equipment, operation and management factors are affecting the energy consumption situation of air compressor, only the comprehensive analysis and comprehensive consideration, choose the advanced technology, the feasible methods and supporting measures, to ensure air compressor energy saving, stable and reliable operation. Staff in the use of advanced techniques such as frequency control of motor speed and methods at the same time, supervise the daily operation of equipment management and maintenance work, in the protection of production on the basis of energy conservation and consumption reduction, in order to improve the economic benefit and social benefit.
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