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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Power consumption in general, the factory is about twenty percent in air compressor consumed, some industry even as high as 80. Even if only a hunch,
energy-saving air compressor system is imperative. So, the user has realised through energy saving are needed to reduce energy cost, how to do? Next GeLinKeEr came under a simple introduction:

in the first place, need to be aware of: compressed air has a cost, the cost includes not only in the production of compressed air energy consumption of air compressor, including the various abnormal loss of compressed air.

as a result, a basic concept is: air compressor system energy saving is not only energy saving of air compressor, but a systematic energy saving of the compressed air system. Note that the key word here is 'systemic', not 'equipment system'. That is there any way to proceed with energy saving?

common some possible space, the energy saving approaches:

(1) effective cleansing of the compressed air production, processing equipment;

(2) of the unit type selection, control method and optimal design of pipeline;

3. Adjust the gas pressure and compressed air system of site management;

(4) pressure loss of the governance, and to reveal and upgrading the efficiency of the gas device;

5) to use energy recycling equipment, in order to reduce comprehensive energy consumption.

the above is the significance of energy saving air compressor system and method, if you have a different opinion can consulting GeLinKeEr customer service:, web site:
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