Air compressor system energy saving what method is there?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor as the foundation of the modernization of industrial products, the modernization of industrial manufacturing is dependent on the air compressor equipment. And great energy consumption of air compressor, air compressor energy saving is necessary. Air compressor energy saving technology, in order to reduce the energy consumption at work.

1, frequency control of motor speed control variable frequency speed regulation in the application of air compressor, can greatly improve the energy performance of air compressor. According to the flow sensor output signal to adjust the speed of air compressor, the compressor can accurate output need to flow, to achieve high precision flow rate adjustment, ensure the air compressor can safely and efficiently run.

2 to choose the appropriate suction pressure, suction pressure adjustment compressor efficiency can be greatly reduced. In general, the lower the suction pressure, the greater the energy consumption will, in particular a compressor suction pressure. Can improve the compressor suction pressure appropriately, therefore, in the period of suction increase efficient cyclone separator entrance, further eliminating intake pipe network's resistance and deal with the gas in assure enough get higher suction pressure.

3, compressor pressure drop between the lower compressor section between the pressure drop is also the important reason for the compressor power consumption. In order to reduce the period between the pressure drop, high efficiency heat exchanger can instead of interstage cooler, reduce unnecessary equipment and pipeline elbow, improve the operating conditions at the same time, reduce the degree of scaling of the cooler.

4, piping layout optimization in order to further reduce the pressure drop in the pipeline, need to adjust the pipeline layout, improve the rationality of the layout of pipeline, the pressure loss can be used to assess whether the layout is reasonable ( Pressure difference between inlet pressure and outlet pressure does not exceed 5%) 。 In the line, can cause the loss of pressure equipment is mainly have a dryer, cooler, control valve, elbow, etc.

5, the daily maintenance of air compressor for daily use and maintenance of air compressor energy saving effect also has a great influence. In everyday use, want to use air compressor equipment specification, the preventive maintenance measures to reduce the failure rate of air compressor, keep the workability of air compressor.
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